5 Advanced Tips for Advertising on Amazon (2022 Guide)

The Amazon Advertising Platform is not only restricted to ecommerce entrepreneurs but also available for companies of all shapes and sizes. In this scenario, given the plethora of opportunities on offer from Amazon, it has been observed that newbie marketers can be easily overwhelmed. If you are among one such individual who wants to promote their products through Amazon but lacks a clear idea about what to do next, then here’s a list of 5 advanced tips which would provide you some guidance:

  1. Implement Search term Targeting while Marketing with Sponsored Products

The marketing policy should be based upon the behavior of the customers while they shop on Amazon. This is extremely critical because there isn’t any point in spending money on customers who are not looking to buy the product at the moment. The marketing strategy needs to be adjusted in accordance with the demand of customers so that most out of the advertising budget is invested in people who are already searching for a particular product.

  1. Utilize Automatic Bidding while Running an Ad Campaign

Just like Google ads, Amazon allows running campaigns on flexible budgets where marketers can choose bidding options like maximum cost per click (CPC), automatic (or standard), and accelerated delivery. While CPC is appropriate when you want to earn more revenue with each conversion, using automated bidding is promising when it comes to getting optimum returns from every dollar spent on advertisements.

  1. Drive Traffic towards Your Own Site

When you drive traffic towards your own site, you can expect people to look for more of your products and services. The Amazon ads are meant to promote a merchant on Amazon and generating traffic towards their website enhances the possibility for potential customers to look into other related products as well.

  1. Utilize High CTR Campaigns

Marketers spend thousands of dollars just by targeting wrong keywords which result in low click-through rates (CTR). An insightful campaign such as this will not only provide exposure but also bring the authority status up on the Amazon storefront search results page where individual products appear when buyers search for particular keywords or phrases.

  1. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords prevent your campaigns from showing ads on irrelevant searches which not only enhance click-through rate (CTR) but also favor the overall campaign performance. If you are not able to find appropriate negative keywords, then ask your friends or colleagues who have run campaigns on Amazon before.


These are some of the advanced tips which would help you get better results from each ad campaign that is run through the Amazon platform. However, it is important to note that these tips should be followed only when the individual has a clear understanding of how product research works in Amazon storefront branding services and how search engines work. The key to any successful online business lies in knowing about your target audience and providing them with what they actually want.