Cool smiley souvenirs

Gone are the days when emoticons simply appeared as round yellow faces. Most emoticons today have more expressions and new designs that emailing them has never been more fun. Lately, emoticons on the Internet reach a new level: they also become souvenirs!

I remember David Cook with a big smile

Have you downloaded David Cook Smiley lately?

“American Idol” has achieved worldwide fame thanks to the fact that sending a David Cook smiley face in your email gives your message more chances mysmiley to be read. You can also use your awesome David Cook emoticon on MySpace or Friendster. Download your awesome David Cook emoticon today and start sending it in your emails or comments on MySpace and Friendster and see how effective this awesome emoticon is in attracting like-minded friends into your network with less effort .

Fantastic smiley face 2008 Olympics

The 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, China began and ended with such pomp that it can be said with certainty that it was one of the largest Olympic events in history. A funny face was also created to promote the Olympic Games to internet users who want something to remember the event for the next four years.

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China were undoubtedly a great success, but they also had their own generous amount of controversy. Could sports fans around the world forget the controversial torch relay at the 2008 Olympics? Internet users who have downloaded the funny Olympic Games emoticon have something to show their children the meaning of the Olympic flame. The smiley face is the image of the torchbearer who, traditionally since 1928, plays an important role in ensuring that the Olympic tradition is not compromised by the passage of time.
The 2008 Olympics torch bearer had to carry the lighted torch from Athens, Greece, and pass it on to other runners in various countries until he reached the host city, Beijing, China. The torch was kept on during the Olympics and only went out on August 24, when the 2008 Olympics ended.

With the results of the 2008 Olympics and the medals awarded to the winners, the rest of the world remained with the smiley face of the 2008 Olympics as a constant reminder that nations can unite under one cause; Ordinary people can dream big dreams and make them come true and peace is not impossible to achieve despite diversity.