Flash Animation – Bringing Elearning to Life

If there is one thing that Dora has proven it is that animation is not only limited in the form of entertainment, it can be a platform for learning new things. Elearning or online learning is a computer based learning where students study their course not in the traditional classroom but in a virtual classroom, is the latest technology enhanced learning of today. It also makes use of animation as medium for education.

Animation has gone from a long way, back then animations where in black and white, nowadays you see animated characters in crisp and vibrant colors. Back then animation was done in 2d or two dimensional, animation studios do these by producing hand drawn animated frames. A 20 minute animation feature could take a month’s time to create depending on the art style, story and other components. With the technological advancement today, a new form of animation was invented. Technology gave way to the birth of Flash animation.

There are many elearning tools or authoring programs released from the birth of elearning, one of which is Flash. Authors can use flash in creating instructional ดูอนิเมะออนไลน์ visual presentation, animated quizzes and other forms of animations and use these as learning content. So does flash animation or flashimation works?

Flash is an animation sequencer, one can use it to create motion or movement on screen. Flash uses a series of frames and sequences of scenes to make its movies move. Similar to a movie film, flash makes use of a series of frames to create change or movement. Each frame contains elements which may change in colors, size and position from the previous frame making things move or change if the sequence of frames is put together and played. Music, sound effects, voice narration and other forms of audio components can be attached to the sequence of frames, to make it a complete movie.

Flash creates interactive movies that can be played through an application called Flash player. Flash player is the same application needed for your computer to allow you to view videos from streaming website like: Youtube, Veoh, Crunchyroll and etc. Flash player is not only used as an application for web streaming it has other features too. It is also a requirement for playing flash animation games.