How much time it will take to be sports analyst

The time it will take to be a sports analyst largely depends on the experience and the schooling. The background of this profession is very similar to that of a sportscaster.

One thing that has made this career so popular in recent years is the growth in sports broadcasting.

There are many televisions stations that provide live coverage of popular games around the world, and there are many sites that stream sporting events online.

Being a 스포츠분석 is no easy job. It can take anywhere between two to five years to be able to analyze the game at the level of an expert.

The first year is all about familiarizing yourself with the game and getting your head around it. The second year, you would start watching games and analyzing them on your own.

The third year, you would start doing it with access to video footage and the fourth one, you will participate in research projects that are related to sports analysis. Finally, in the fifth year, you would be ready for the work environment as a full-fledged sports analyst

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2024, a sports analyst will be expected to work a normal 40-hour workweek. For those who hold a PhD in sports management, this may require some more time on the job.

It depends on how much work and time you want to put into it. Some people do not have the time or passion for it and would rather focus on their day job.

If you want to be a sports analyst, continue to do your research and get used to watching games so you can understand what is going on better.